New Breakthrough, New Journey! H Hilltop Breakthrough Recognition Meeting Ends Successfully



On September 28, 2023, Aohai Technology's H hilltop breakthrough commendation meeting was successfully held, with Liu Xu, Aohai Technology's rotating CEO, Kuang Cui Si, SVP, Deng Wei, SVP, Lin Zheng, VPs of all centers, and important members of the hilltop project participating in the meeting. The conference honored the H hilltop matrix team, and the matrix leader shared his experience at the scene, providing valuable combat experience.



Breakthrough Innovation, Aim High


The establishment from 0 to 1 is an attack, a challenge and a new breakthrough! Aohai and H customer first contacted in 2021. In 2022, the customer began to understand Aohai products, and then gradually impressed by the quality of the products and Aohai professional team, officially began to establish cooperation. Aohai VP Richard Wu spoke on the significance and purpose of attacking the hill: "The hills we set up are all leaders and giants in the industry, and the fact that we were able to get the core project shows that it is the industry leader's recognition of our platform, technology and experience! Gave us the opportunity, we have to seize the opportunity to set up the project, make the product good, and make the share bigger."



H hilltop team has summarized its own set of methods for customers. The matrix team leader shared the experience: "How to ensure 100% to become a qualified supplier? We have our own set of methods for customers. Obtaining new program participation opportunities from clients and being responsive and giving feedback on everything is 40% of the way to success; sending samples for testing directly to the demand sector, and the entire squatting follow-up test, at any time to respond to customer concerns, the test passed on the success of 70%; carefully sort out the personnel before auditing the factory, and pass the auditing will be called 100% qualified suppliers."


Ride The Wave And Sail Away To Victory


Aohai Technology has always advocated respecting heroes, praising heroes, and hoping that everyone can strive to be a hero. 2022, the company established the "Hilltop Award", and this commendation meeting is a full realization of the company's "meritocracy, heroes based on results, praising those who struggle, and giving positions to those who have ideas. This commendation meeting is a full realization of the company's "Meritocracy, results-oriented, recognizing the strugglers, and giving positions to people with ideas.


At the end of the conference, Aohai Technology SVP CK Kuang summarized: "Praise the strugglers, give the position of people with ideas, this is what Aohai has always advocated, and diligence is the most simple and sincere way to success. Regarding the hilltop award, the company is willing to give everyone the opportunity and resources to attack the hilltop, and I hope we can all live up to our expectations and take one hilltop after another!"



In the face of difficulties, we should drum up the courage to move forward; the road ahead is still long and our task is still very difficult, we should seize the time to complete the task! The development of Aohai needs heroes who dare to make breakthroughs and create unlimited possibilities, and we hope that the Aohai hilltop team will continue to build on the momentum and attack the hilltops! Looking forward to more successes and achievements in the future!

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