Cutting-edge Technologies
Aohai uses planar transformers instead of traditional wire-wound transformers to make power products thinner, smaller, higher power density, better performance, and lower Electromagnetic Interference(EMI) while using less raw materials, to contribute to the global dual carbon goals.
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    By applying the magnetic simulation technology in design to simulate the magnetic loss and EMI features of planar transformers in operation, we reduce the time of circuit finetuning, and accelerate the development of new products.

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    The fully automatic production lines ensure a daily production capacity of 15K PCS and can also enhance the reliability of products.

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    Our independently patented EMI testing and control technology ensures 100% compliance of products with the relevant national norms and specifications. For miniaturized products with planar transformers, the thermal simulation technology can solve the temperature-rising issues caused by small size.

Cutting-edge Technologies
Aohai Research Institute
Cutting-edge Technologies
Team Tasks
In light of the trend of industrial development, our team aims to explore the advanced technologies, plan the products for the future, and to accumulate the theoretical knowledge and technical practices. So that to take the lead in industry, and provide our customers the superb products with most advanced technology.
R&D Strategy
Cutting-edge Technologies
By adopting new (semiconductor) components and planar transformers, we are further improving the power frequency of AC/DC switching frequency to miniaturize the products, and to lessen the expending of components , so that to reduce carbon emission.
Cutting-edge Technologies
For products with multi-port outputs, by applying the non-filtering-capacitor technology and the magnetic integration technology, we achieve smaller but more efficient products. Meanwhile the use of lossless intelligent power distribution technology gives customers a better user experience.