International Recognition|AOHAI Technology Charger Won Another Design Award-Contemporary Good Design



After winning the German Red Dot Award in April this year, Aohai Technology's 68W ultra-thin charger has been honored with the Contemporary Good Design Award! As a bridge between design, enterprise and global business, the Contemporary Good Design Award aims to recognize products with high innovation, practicality and aesthetic value, and this honor is undoubtedly a proof of Aohai Technology's advanced product design concepts and continuous improvement of its innovation ability.


This 68W ultra-thin flash charger adopts advanced gallium nitride technology and is compatible with a wide range of electronic products such as cell phones and rechargeable batteries. The volume of the charger is only 80x43x10.5mm, compared with competitors in the market, it is smaller, thinner and more beautiful, which can perfectly meet the needs of various scenarios such as home, office, business trip, traveling and other uses. The handheld part is made of frosted material with excellent grip. In addition, Aohai Technology has maximized the 68W power charger by fully considering factors such as human-machine comfort, production process and cost control in the product design.


Aohai Technology has always been adhering to the spirit of striving for perfection and pursuing excellence, and has carried out innovation and design throughout the product development. This award is not only a recognition of the past efforts and dedication of Aohai's team, but also a recognition of the strength of Chinese enterprises in the field of industrial design.


Aohai Technology's 68W slim charger not only brings users a faster, safer and more convenient charging experience, but also sets a new benchmark for the industry's aesthetic trend. In the future, Aohai Technology will continue to pay attention to market demand, adhere to the pursuit of craftsmanship quality, and bring more high-quality products to consumers.

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