Aohai Technology Laboratory has been authorized by UL, adding another pass for global development!



  1. UL certification was founded by UL, LLC, a global testing and certification organization and standards development organization. Since its inception in 1894, UL has published nearly 1,800 safety, quality and sustainability standards, more than 70 percent of which have become U.S. national standards, and UL is also the development agency for Canadian national standards.


  1. IEC standards, the International Electrical Commission (IEC), is a worldwide standardization organization composed of national electrical committees, whose purpose is to promote the standardization of the world's electrical and electronic fields. CB system (IEC system for conformity testing and certification of electrical products) is an international system operated by IECEE, where the certification bodies of IECEE member countries test the safety performance of electrical products on the basis of IEC standards, and the test results, i.e. CB test reports and CB test certificates, are used in IECEE member countries are mutually recognized system.


In December 2022, Aohai Technology Laboratory was officially authorized by UL WTDP (Witnessed Test Data Program) and IECEE Eyewitness Laboratory qualification. This marks that Aohai Technology's products can all be tested in its own lab when doing UL and CB certifications. This not only speeds up the certification progress of new development projects, but also adds another pass for Aohai Technology to step into the international market!


UL, as one of the world's leading testing and certification organizations, serves customers in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. With UL safety mark, Aohai Technology will be more competitive in global market access, which is an important trump card for us to accelerate the capture of the North American market. At the same time the qualification will also effectively enhance our brand awareness in the international arena.


The laboratory of Aohai Technology covers an area of 2,000 square meters and introduces more than 400 sets of international advanced testing equipment, covering seven professional fields of electrical performance, EMC, reliability, materials, safety, environmental chemistry and failure analysis testing and analysis capabilities, with a professional technical team of nearly 100 people. The laboratory actively introduces ISO 17025 management system and fully implements international laboratory standards.


As early as before Aohai Technology laboratory has passed CNAS accreditation, and has been authorized by Intertek and TUV Süd witness qualification. The authorization of UL and IECEE again proves that Aohai Technology laboratory testing capability has reached international level, which is also a comprehensive recognition of our product design, development and production quality by international organizations.


In the future, Aohai Technology will continue to promote the "technology-based enterprise" strategy, leading the industry standard through high-quality development, while representing China's intellectual manufacturing to the international market, to serve the world, to be the leader of the charging and storage energy industry, and to be an evergreen enterprise beneficial to mankind!


Aohai Technology Laboratory has been authorized by UL, adding another pass for global development!

Another award! Aohai Technology was selected as one of the top 100 manufacturing private enterprises in Guangdong Province in 2022