Cutting-edge Technologies
Aohai owns over a decade of experience in developing electronic control products for Electronic Vehicles. The product has been certified at the ASIL-C for functional safety (maximum attainable ASIL-D), with our development ability fulfilling the requirements of ISO 26262.
  • Mapping Of Domain Control Products
    Our products include Powertrain Domain Control Unit (PDCU), Vehicle Domain Controller (VDC), Zone Control Unit (ZCU), Power Control Module (PCM) and integrated controllers (VBMS&VMCU). Through platform-based development, our products have strengths of strong compatibility, high integration and good performance.
    Cutting-edge Technologies
  • High-Efficient Manufacturing Technology
    We are proficient in product materials, manufacturing technology and mold structures, so that we can improve the defects of product manufacturing in the production process, and ensure that the product development process is short, smooth and fast.
    Cutting-edge Technologies
  • SIC on-board Traction Inverter
    Our SIC on-board traction inverter is hardware platform-based designed, with the switching loss reduced by 50%-70%, the noise of the electric drive system effectively reduced,and the power density more than 40kW/L.
    Cutting-edge Technologies
  • Three-layer Self-developed Basic Software (BSW)
    The 3-layered BSW is developed fully compliant with Automotive Open System Architecture(AUTOSAR) and AUTOSAR-liked standards, and can fully implement model-based development (MBD) in the application software.
    Cutting-edge Technologies
  • Mature And Stable Control Algorithm
    The Application Software (ASW) employs model-based software development (MBD) and manages it through a functional module library. The core algorithms are managed by using the standard library mode. Through numerous iterations of development, accumulation, and refinement, including the torque control algorithm, the control algorithms have been meticulously crafted into a sophisticated and stable state.
    Cutting-edge Technologies
Aohai Research Institute
Team Missions
Our team is committed to integrating advantageous industrial resources, developing the battery, motor, electronic control systems for electronic vehicles, striving for a leading technical position in the development of these systems through continuous innovation, accumulation and assimilation. We have so far owned several cutting-edge technologies in this aspect and are aiming to fill the technology gap in the domestic industry and rank first of global electronic control manufacturers.
Cutting-edge Technologies

R&D Strategy

A.We have comprehensively developed various domain control products for electronics vehicles, which meet the intelligent development of vehicles, and promote the evolution of vehicle electrical and electronic architecture from distributed to integrated. Through platform-based development, our products have strengths of strong compatibility, high integration and good performance.
B. The SIC on-board traction inverter is designed to be hardware platform-based with a switching loss reduced by 50%-70%, a power density of more than 40kW/L and a smaller size, and the noise of the electric drive system can be effectively mitigated.