Cutting-edge technologies
  • Aohai's energy storage inverters

    1、 The advanced topological structure and innovative control technologies help to generate more power and improve users' benefits. It has various protection functions such as overvoltage, short circuit, and leakage to protect the system and personal safety.

    2、 Our energy storage inverters are compatible with all the household photovoltaic modules in the market, providing great convenience for customers to select accessories. In addition, the leading oversizing ratio in the market can make full use of photovoltaic energy and create more economic values for customers.

    3、 We adhere to the idea of "Quality First", and our products have undergone strict device selection, production standards and a unique comprehensive testing system to fully guarantee product quality. We also provide photovoltaic storage and charging integrated solutions to improve user experience.

    Cutting-edge technologies
  • New-generation photovoltaic inverters

    1、 Compatibility with all mainstream components, no need of additional expenses for other equipment, intelligent monitoring, remote control and upgrading, and multiple working modes applicable to various scenarios.

    2、 1.8 DC/AC ratio, IV diagnosis, real-time maximum power output tracking, compact and intelligent design, and IP65 protection.

    3、 Noise level lower than 25dB, virtually noiseless.

    Cutting-edge technologies
  • Charging piles

    1、 Protection against input overvoltage, under voltage, phase loss and overcurrent,;

    2、 Protection against output overvoltage, under voltage and short circuit;

    3、 Thermal protection; Fan fault protection;

    4、 Protection against abnormal bus voltage; Protection against internal and external communication loss.

    Cutting-edge technologies
  • Server power supplies
    Water-resistant and dust-proof;
    Multiple payment modes;
    Charging protection system;
    Intelligent self-check system;
    Compatible with different products;
    Intelligent software upgrading.
    Cutting-edge technologies
Aohai Research Institute
  • Cutting-edge technologies
    Team Missions
    With the global consensus on the idea of "carbon neutrality", the energy industry has seen tremendous changes, including the transition from traditional energy to new and smart energy. Aohai Digital Power clings to the idea of "Make Energy More Smart", and has been contributing to the energy transition with ceaseless exploration and keen innovation.
  • Cutting-edge technologies
    R&D Strategy

    1、 Aohai pursues to do research on topology/control/communication/application, and strives to create excellent products with efficient charging and storage and intelligent management, including energy storage inverters, micro inverters, large string inverters, charging piles, server power supplies and other fields.

    2、 Through in-depth analysis of user experiences, Aohai is committed to establishing a application solution system recognized by customers, such as the photovoltaic storage and charging application and the micro grid application.